Hello to the blind and vision impaired community.
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This site has been put together to help people who are blind or vision impaired to quickly access a list of audio described movies within the Australian iTunes Store.

When browsing these movies I have created all the menus along the top to make it easier and to have them all in one place. I understand how frustrating it is to try and find individual movies on the Apple iTunes store.

If a movie is not listed on this site, it may not be available with AD on the Australian iTunes site, or may not have been audio described, or I may not have updated my lists yet. I update this site on a regular basis. If you find any titles that I have not uploaded yet, you’re welcome to contact Me by Email audio.description.movies1@gmail.com

good thing about these movies is that they are mainstream movies – they are not only for people who are blind or vision impaired, they’re available to the general public as well. This site is the only place where the movies available on iTunes are listed with the AD or CC logos. Another good thing is that these movies can be played on iOS devices, Macs, Apple TV, and Windows PCs that run iTunes.


Audio description (AD) is a narration track created for blind and vision impaired audiences which describes what is happening on screen during natural pauses in the dialogue. It guides the listener through the visual elements of the program, from describing scenery to facial reactions.
Audio described DVDs or Blu-rays have an AD logo on the back cover, usually at the bottom with the captioning and languages information

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